Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Med-Legal Brain Scan Illustration

Here is what I hope will eventually become one of my final illustrations for Med Legal. I tried to be a little creative in my rendering style, but I'm not feeling very confident about my estimations for grey and white matter. I do however, like my attempt at a fluid-filled space of the right temporal lobe atrophy, and the 3D receding away from the cut edges of the sliced brain. More iterations to go...

Friday, November 5, 2010

Thomas Hendry's Figure Drawing Anatomy course

After a long period of not having a digital camera, I finally got a new one, so now I can record and post some of the larger sketches from my summer figure studies. These were done for a course I took at Toronto School of Art, as one of their week-long intensives. While they are mostly exercises, not finished pieces, I feel that the course was successful in giving me a deeper understanding of underlying anatomy in the context of figure drawing. An excellent course taught by an excellent instructor, I highly recommend it!

Malaria - 1st Draft

Here is a preliminary sketch for our pathology illustration assignment. The main point was to get the content down. This will definitely need to go through another iteration or two, but I think I have a good foundation. Such a devious parasite, Plasmodium!